Benefits Of Drinking Milk And Ghee: If you do not sleep or if your stomach is upset, then consume ghee in milk, know the benefits

Benefits Of Drinking Milk And Ghee: If you do not sleep or if your stomach is upset, then consume ghee in milk, know the benefits

New Delhi: Milk is an important part of our diet. Milk contains essential nutrients like calcium, protein, potassium and phosphorus, which are very important for our bones. Consumption of milk is very helpful to stay healthy and prevent diseases. If ghee is used in combination with such potent milk, then health benefits are doubled. Consuming ghee strengthens memory, as well as improves digestion. Ghee removes the weakness of the body. Cold-cold and fever can also be treated by the consumption of ghee. If ghee is mixed with milk and drunk, its properties become double. Let us know what are the benefits of consuming ghee with milk.

Milk and Ghee is the best remedy for insomnia:

If you do not get sleep at night, before sleeping, add a spoonful of ghee to the milk and drink it. Consuming ghee in milk calms the nerves of the brain. You feel very relaxed, so you can sleep well. Consumption of ghee also keeps your mood fine.

Ghee milk improves digestion:

Drinking ghee mixed with milk releases enzymes inside the body, which increases digestion power. These enzymes help in better digestion and get rid of stomach problems.

Ghee and milk keep the skin healthy:

If you want to make the skin healthy, then consume ghee with milk. Ghee and milk both are natural moisturizers that work to naturally nourish and moisturize the skin. If you drink ghee in milk every day, then the effect of age will be less visible on the face, as well as dryness of the skin will also be away.

Boosts Metabolism:

By adding ghee to a glass of milk and drinking it, metabolism increases and the digestion system is also fine. From gas formation in the stomach to blisters in the mouth, the consumption of ghee in milk gives relief.

The best treatment for joint pain is:

If you have joint pain, then you should drink a glass of milk by adding one spoon of ghee. This type of milk reduces inflammation in the joint and provides relief from swelling. Bones become strong by consuming this milk. 

Follow these 5 tips to lose weight, body fat will melt like butter

Follow these 5 tips to lose weight, body fat will melt like butter

We often become a victim of obesity due to wrong eating and sedentary lifestyle . Weight gain not only affects our personality but also has a negative impact on our health. Obesity increases the risk of diabetes , thyroid, high BP and heart diseases. Often people follow fancy diets or join gym to lose weight. But you can easily lose weight by making some changes in your lifestyle and diet. In today's article, we are going to give you some easy tips. These tips will help you control hunger and you will be able to lose weight easily-

You will be surprised to know this but you can lose weight by eating chillies. A research found that the consumption of red chilies helps in controlling appetite. Actually, red pepper contains an element called capsaicin, which burns more calories. If you want to lose weight, then include red chili in your diet. 

Some people have a habit that they take bath at night before sleeping. But keep in mind that do not take a bath immediately after having a meal. Digestion and metabolism are weakened by bathing immediately after eating. This lowers the body temperature and slows down the blood flow towards the stomach. 

Often we do not pay attention to the color and size of the food plate while serving food. But do you know that the color of your plate also matters for weight loss. Yes, in a research it was found that eating food in a blue plate satisfies hunger quickly. Actually, blue color is the source of energy, so eating food in this color plate pacifies the hunger quickly. Along with this, food should always be eaten in small plates. By doing this you will eat less food.

We often skip breakfast in the rush to go to college and office in the morning. But this habit of yours can be the reason for your increasing weight. According to nutritionists, the morning should be started with breakfast rich in protein and fiber. By doing this your stomach will feel full for a long time and you will feel less hungry. 

If you want to lose weight then take mint tea. If you feel hungry, drink mint tea because the smell and taste of mint helps in controlling appetite. You can consume mint tea an hour before meals or anytime of the day. Mint tea is rich in antioxidants, which flushes out toxins from the body and helps in weight loss .