A stampede during a concert at a stadium in Kinshasa

A stampede during a concert at a stadium in Kinshasa

A major accident occurred on Saturday during a concert in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 11 people including two police officers died in the accident. It is being told that a concert of Congolese singer Foli Ipupa was going on in a stadium in Kinshasa. A huge crowd gathered in the stadium during the event. The increase in the crowd created a stampede, which led to the accident. The news agency Reuters has given this information quoting the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Congo.

A Reuters correspondent present at the event said the stadium in Kinshasa has a capacity of 80,000, while it was overfilled during the concert. During this, some people present in the crowd started moving towards the VIP and reserved sections. Due to this, there was panic, which became the reason for the accident.

Seven people were admitted to the hospital
Minister Daniel Aselo Okito said in a statement that police had recorded 11 deaths, of which 10 people died of suffocation and clashes. At the same time, seven people have been admitted to the hospital.

Before the accident, security forces had earlier fired tear gas shells as they tried to disperse the violent crowd on the streets outside the stadium. These people had gathered to attend the concert of Folly Ipupa. Apart from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ipupa has a large number of fans in Europe and elsewhere as well. The number of people present inside the stadium became very high as the state and private security personnel present in the stadium could not control the crowd.

Regarding the deaths of people during his demonstration, Ipupa said that he came to know about their deaths on Sunday morning. He said that "I am saddened by this incident. I am from Kinshasa and I certainly share in the grief of their families."