Finland, which wants NATO membership, is throwing dust in the eyes of the US by giving tourist visas to Russian citizens! Learn- Why

Finland, which wants NATO membership, is throwing dust in the eyes of the US by giving tourist visas to Russian citizens! Learn- Why

Finland has gone ahead to join NATO on the one hand, while on the other hand, it is also issuing visas to Russian citizens to come here indiscriminately. This is very special because Finland is the only one among the Nordic countries that are giving visas to Russian citizens. Due to this, Russian citizens are crossing the Nuijamaa border to Finland to spend their summer holidays. Many of the Russian tourists who come here want to go further in Europe.

Tensions in Russia and Finland

Let us tell you that there is a lot of tension between Russia and Finland regarding NATO membership. At the same time, he is also trying to reconcile by giving visas to Russian citizens. However, the people of Finland do not like this dual policy of the government. Finland started the exercise of joining NATO after Russia's attack on Ukraine. But giving visas to Russian tourists also raises the question of why he is doing this.

Finland has been the favorite tourist destination of Russian citizens

Boris Surovtcev, 37, of St. Pittsburgh who comes here, told AFP that he has been going there for 12 years in a row. He told that Finland is a very beautiful country, especially the lakes here are very beautiful. The fun of spending a holiday at this naturally beautiful place is something else. However, this time due to the Russo-Ukraine war, many other Russian tourists including Boris are also facing problems. This is because the European Union has closed its airspace to Russian planes. Finland is also very important for Russian citizens because it acts as a transit route for them. From here Russian tourists can go to other countries in Europe.

Finnish people are not happy with the arrival of Russian tourists

Local citizen Kirsi Iljin, angry at Finland granting visas to Russian tourists, says Russians are having fun here and Ukrainians are suffering. They are constantly bearing the attacks of Russia. Russia has destroyed their houses, shops, offices, and farms. It is not right that Russian tourists should be allowed to go anywhere like this. Kirsi Iljin has said that Finland should obey the sanctions imposed on Russia. Even if he cannot do this, at least some restrictions should be imposed on him.

Demand is rising to ban Russian tourists

Not only the local people are against granting visas to Russian tourists, but members of the opposition party here are also making similar demands. They demand that Finland should stand with the honor of Ukraine and not grant visas to Russian tourists who come forward. National Coalition Party MP Juka Kopra says that this condition is very condemnable and out of tolerance that on one hand Ukraine is burning due to Russian attacks, common men, children, and women are dying and the people there are enjoying the European Union. Celebrating holiday. He says that other members should also go beyond party lines to stop the government from doing so and insist on accepting the sanctions imposed against Russia.

Foreign Ministry exploring options

Aki Linden, a member of the Social Democrats, even said that she believes that more sanctions are needed on Russia. However, he also said that it is under the purview of the Ministry of External Affairs. He also said that giving visas to 1 lakh Russian tourists will make the situation worse. Finland's foreign ministry said its options were being examined.

This is the main reason behind giving visa

Significantly, due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, the economy of the whole world has been badly affected. At the same time, apart from Corona, Europe is also battling monkeypox. Apart from this, the gas crisis in Russia has troubled him differently. On the other hand, in Europe, this time is very good for tourists. Talking about Finland itself, millions of Russian tourists come here every year, which also becomes a source of income for the people here. Russian tourists have the largest number of foreign tourists visiting here. In such a situation, Finland does not want to give up its earnings from them. Finland, which wants NATO membership, is throwing dust in the eyes of the US by giving tourist visas to Russian citizens! Learn- Why