Russia withdraws from grain deals after the attack on the war fleet in the Black Sea

Russia withdraws from grain deals after the attack on the war fleet in the Black Sea

The Russian Defense Ministry on Saturday announced the suspension of its participation in the grain supply deal. In a statement, the Defense Ministry said, "Russia is suspending its participation in the Grain Supply Agreement with immediate effect in protest against the terrorist attack on the Russian naval fleet stationed in the Black Sea near Sevastopol." The Russian Defense Ministry alleged that Ukraine had targeted the Russian military fleet with nine drones as well as several civilian boats present there. A Russian warship was badly damaged in this attack.

America said on Russia's decision that Russia is using food as a weapon. This decision of Russia is very reckless and is threatening to worsen the already ongoing food crisis all over the world. US President Joe Biden said far and wide that Russia has no reason to run away from the deal. Responding to the allegations of the US, the Russian Defense Ministry said that Ukraine, with the help of the West, is planning terrorist attacks on Russia under the guise of this agreement. Russia cannot tolerate this. Under the guise of agreement, double deception is being done. agency

black sea grain initiative
Russia blocked trade with Ukraine from the Black Sea. The grain supply from Ukraine stopped. In July, Russia signed the Black Sea Grain Initiative, mediated by the United Nations and Turkey, and promised safe passage for grain-carrying ships.

Ukrainian bombing in Zaporizhia cut power
Russia's Defense Ministry said on Saturday that Ukraine bombed the Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant. Power lines were damaged by the bombing, which may take days to repair.
Nuclear weapons in Poland will lead to a recurrence of the Cuban crisis. Russia expects the West not to commit such negligence, which will cost the whole of Europe.

The Russian Defense Ministry said Britain was behind the attack. Ukraine carried out the attack only with the help of British expertise. By targeting civilian boats guarding the Grain Corridor, the West has proved they don't care about the deal. Russia cannot put its citizens and soldiers at stake for the betrayal of the West.

United Nations and EU expressed concern
UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric described it as worrying and said that the United Nations is in touch with Russia. At the same time, European Union (EU) foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said that without the supply of food grains and fertilizers, the situation around the world would worsen.

Russian Agriculture Minister Dmitry Petrushev said that Russia does not want a food crisis-like situation in the world. So with Turkey's participation, Russia is ready to supply 500,000 tons of grain to the poorest countries for free within the next four months.