16 makeup not only enhances the beauty, it is also beneficial for health in many ways.

16 makeup not only enhances the beauty, it is also beneficial for health in many ways.

The festival of Hariyali Teej is very special for married women. In which she prays for the long life of her husband. This time the festival of Hariyali Teej will be celebrated on 31st July. Hariyali Teej, which falls in Sawan, is especially seen from Rajasthan. But apart from this, it is also celebrated in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand. The preparations for this festival start several days in advance. After taking bath in the morning, women keep fast for the whole day without taking food and water. In the evening, she does 16 makeup and worships Goddess Parvati - Lord Shiva. 16 Makeup is not only the beauty of women, but it also has many benefits for health. Let's know about this.

1. Vermilion: There are some such metals present in vermilion which reduce the effect of wrinkles that appear on the face with age.

2. Bindi: By applying a bindi on the forehead, the mind remains calm. The tension stays away. Apart from this, it also increases confidence.

3. Mang Tika: Mang Tika keeps the brain-related activities balanced and regular.

4. Mascara: By applying kajal, the problems related to the eyes stay away and they get coolness.

5. Nothni: There is a kind of acupressure point at the place where the nose is worn, which is helpful in reducing the pain during delivery.

6. Gajra/flowers in the hair: By applying Gajra to the hair, the mind remains calm and happy with its sweet fragrance.

7. Mangal Sutra: According to the belief, wearing a gold necklace around the neck keeps the heart healthy.

8. Earrings in the ear: There is such a point in the lower part of the ear, through which the nerves of the eyes pass. So when piercing this point of the ear and wearing an earring in it, it helps in increasing the eyesight.

9. Makeup: Makeup gives inner peace and boosts self-confidence.

10. Armpits: Wearing armlets puts pressure on the centers located in the arm, which helps to keep you beautiful and young for a long time.

11. Mehndi: By applying mehndi, both body and mind remain calm and happy.

12. Waistband: By wearing this, the waist remains thin.

13. Ring: By wearing a ring on the fingers of the hand, there is no feeling of laziness. Energy remains in the body.

14. Bangles and Bracelet: Wearing bangles maintains the level of hormones and also maintains proper blood circulation in the body.

15. Nettle: Wearing a nettle puts pressure on a particular vein, due to which the blood circulation in the uterus is done properly.

16. Anklets: Wearing anklets strengthens the bones of the feet.