The weird belief of Halloween Day: Wear scary clothes to avoid evil forces, let's know the whole tradition

The weird belief of Halloween Day: Wear scary clothes to avoid evil forces, let's know the whole tradition

Everyone is saddened by the stampede at the Halloween night spot in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. On the occasion of any festival, such incidents are enough to shake. As soon as we hear the name Halloween, some ghostly faces start appearing in our minds. This is the reason why we start connecting festivals like Halloween Day with ghosts. But do you know the reason behind celebrating it? If not, we'll tell you about it. Actually, Halloween day is celebrated every year on 31st October on the eve of All Hallows Day.

Whose festival is Halloween

Although it is a festival of Christians, with the changing times, it has progressed a lot by breaking the boundaries of regions and religions. This is the reason that people gather in many cities of the world to celebrate it. Wearing scary masks on their faces and wearing ghostly clothes, these people are also seen on the streets. The trend is increasing in India also. For the world recovering from the Corona epidemic, this year has brought a chance to celebrate festivals together once again. This is the reason that a large number of people had gathered in Seoul regarding this.

Where did it start and what is the theme

This festival is mainly celebrated in America, England, and European countries. It started with Ireland and Scotland. Activities during this time include tricks, funny costume parties, carving pumpkins into weird shapes, games, or enjoying Halloween-themed movies. Halloween is, in fact, dedicated to the spirits. This festival is celebrated for the peace of the souls of the ancestors. It is also known as All Hallows Eve, All Hallows Evening, All Halloween, and All Saints Eve.

souls come to earth

This festival is being celebrated in Europe for almost 2000 years. This is an ancient Celtic festival called Simhain. It is believed that on this day spirits come to earth and humans have trouble with them. To avoid these evil spirits, people disguise them and remove them from themselves. To drive away these evil spirits, fires are lit from place to place and animal bones are thrown in them. Different stories are also prevalent in different countries during this festival.

Why is Halloween celebrated on October 31?

October 31 is the last day of the Celtic calendar. In this way, it is also celebrated as the beginning of the new year for the Celtic people. Hallows Eve is preceded by All Saints Day, in which worship is performed. Over time this has also changed somewhat and All Saints Day and Halloween are celebrated on the same day.

How to celebrate Halloween

In many places, people make Jack O Lantern on this day. The pumpkin is cut into different shapes and hanged on the trees by lighting a candle in it. Later it is buried in the ground. People in strange clothes go to each other's homes and distribute candy and chocolates. E goes. Taxes were decorated. Apple bobbing is the most prominent sport played on this day. In this, apples are put in a tub, then they are thrown out of the mouth. Whoever does this first, wins.