When Nehru's differences with Sardar Patel came out openly on the Hyderabad issue

When Nehru's differences with Sardar Patel came out openly on the Hyderabad issue

Whenever the name of Sardar Patel comes, the story of the integration of Hyderabad into India definitely comes. These two can never be forgotten. Hyderabad was a princely state in the south of independent India, which was larger than Scotland in the area and ahead of Europe in population. Nizam's status can be gauged from the fact that in 1934, Time magazine declared him the richest person in the world. There were also many differences between the then PM Pandit Nehru and Sardar Patel about how Hyderabad should be included in India.

Nizam had a wealth of wealth

The Nizam had the largest diamond in the world, which he used as a paperweight. This diamond was 185 carats. The Kohinoor diamond also came out from the mine of Hyderabad. Wherever the Nizam used to go, he was given a 21-gun salute. Being a Muslim majority, he had a hold on this princely state. The Nizams did not want to meet in India to maintain their power.

Patel was serious about Hyderabad

Sardar Patel was very serious about the fact that it's going against India could become a big threat to India's security. This was the reason that he had worked hard to include it in India. However, it took more time than other princely states to incorporate it into the country. Patel did not even want to continue the existence of the Nizam. There was also a difference of opinion between Prime Minister Pandit Nehru and Patel on this matter.

Patel did not have faith in Nizam

Patel had no faith in the Nizam of Hyderabad. He also used to warn Pandit Nehru that the Nizam would only be deceived. In the biography of Sardar Patel, written by Rajmohan Gandhi, it has been mentioned that Nehru was not in favor of sending the army to Hyderabad. He believed that it would cause harm. This is also mentioned in another book, The Destruction of Hyderabad. It is written that Nehru wanted to try military action as a last resort. At the same time, Patel wanted to use this option in the first instance itself.

Anger between Patel and Nehru in the meeting

Personally, Nehru had no opposition to Nizam, but he was certainly opposed to his policies. In the books that tell the story of making Hyderabad a part of India, there is a mention of the meeting which was called by Pandit Nehru. Patel was also involved in this. This meeting was to explore the options by which Hyderabad could be merged with India. It also included VP Menon as Reform Commissioner. The deadlock between the views of Nehru and Patel was clearly visible in this meeting. As a result, Patel came out in the middle of the meeting. After this Menon also came out of the meeting following him. However, military action in Hyderabad was approved in this meeting. In an interview, Menon explained in detail what happened after that.

When Patel was angry with Nehru

He had said that Patel was very angry about what happened in the meeting. Pandit Nehru's words were piercing his mind and soul like a canister. One more thing is very popular about Patel and Hyderabad. When Patel was trying to integrate Junagadh with India, he was being made fun of in Hyderabad. But when Patel succeeded in annexing Junagadh's princely state to India, Patel gave a befitting reply to Hyderabad. Patel had said that if Hyderabad was not accepted, its condition would be similar to that of Junagadh.

Patel's reply to Nizam's close

The dice Patel threw about Hyderabad was a complete success. Hyderabad was under pressure. Due to this pressure, Nizam sent his closest friend Syed Qasim Rizvi to Delhi to meet Patel. Patel clearly gave Rizvi two options. First that they should silently join India and get the second referendum done. On the second option, Rizvi said that this can be done only on the strength of the sword. Patel knew that Nizam was serious about Pakistan and also expected help from there. Not only this, it was even said in confidential information that Nizam was in the process of making a big deal of arms from abroad, which he wanted to use against the Indian Army.

Nizam's bet

Not only this, the Nizam had made up his mind to compromise with the Portuguese-ruled Goa. The Nizam had pleaded for help even from America. In the book Straight from the Heart, former Vice Chief of Army Staff General SK Sinha wrote that General Cariappa was called by Patel to question and answer questions about military action in Hyderabad. Soon after this action was started. When the Indian Army entered Hyderabad, Pakistan's PM Liaquat Ali called an emergency meeting. Its purpose was to look into the options, which could help Hyderabad, but it did not work. In some books about this incident, which has been recorded in history, it has even been said that Liaquat Ali was even thinking of dropping a bomb on Delhi.

Nizam's head bowed before Patel

On 13 September 1948, the Indian Army entered Hyderabad. On the same day, Pandit Nehru told Patel over the phone that General Butcher, the Chief of Army Staff, wanted to stop the military action in Hyderabad. What do they do? On this Patel told Nehru you also go to sleep, I am also going to sleep. After the action of the Indian Army, the Nizam of Hyderabad offered to surrender. In February, Patel himself landed at the Hyderabad airport, where the Nizam was also present. The Nizam bowed his head and hands before Patel. To add. After this Hyderabad joined India.