9 Indian cricketers who hit more than 800 fours in ODI cricket, Shikhar Dhawan created history

9 Indian cricketers who hit more than 800 fours in ODI cricket, Shikhar Dhawan created history

Team India has a huge history of ODI cricket. Many batsmen came and many left. There were some who did different exploits and got their names registered in the record books. Especially in the name of Indian Indian cricketers, more than one record is recorded. Batsmen have always shown their strength in ODI cricket. Well in the third ODI against West Indies, Shikhar Dhawan completed 800 fours in his ODI career. He has become the 9th Indian to achieve this feat. Earlier 8 veterans have done this feat. Well, we will tell you who are the 9 Indian legends who have done this feat.

Indian cricketer who hit more than 800 fours

1) Sachin Tendulkar - The first name on the list is the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar. He has hit the most number of fours for Team India. Tendulkar played 463 matches in his ODI career. He hit 2016 fours during this.

2) Virat Kohli- Virat Kohli is considered to be the greatest cricketer of the current era. He is at number two on this list. Kohli has hit 1159 fours in 262 ODIs. He has also rooted in 126 sixes so far in his career.

3) Virender Sehwag - Sehwag's bat roared a lot in ODI cricket. He also made many records in his name. Sehwag played 251 ODIs in his career and hit 1132 fours. He also has 136 sixes to his name.

4) Sourav Ganguly-Ganguly's name is also included in this list and he is present at number four. Ganguly played 311 ODI matches in his career. He hit 1122 fours. He also has 190 sixes to his name.

5) Rahul Dravid- Dravid was called the wall of Team India. Apart from Tests, his record in ODIs was also very good. Let us tell you that Rahul Dravid hit a total of 950 fours in his ODI career.

6) Yuvraj Singh-Yuvraj played many historic innings for Team India. Even today his innings are remembered. He hit 908 fours in 304 ODI matches.

7) Rohit Sharma-Sharma is currently the captain of Team India. His cricket career has been brilliant. Rohit has played 233 ODIs so far and has hit 856 fours. Apart from this, he has also hit 250 sixes.

8) Mahendra Singh Dhoni-Dhoni was a great batsman and captain as well. Under his captaincy, Team India won all three ICC trophies. Dhoni played 350 matches for Team India and hit 826 fours.

9) Shikhar Dhawan- Now the name of Shikhar Dhawan has also been added to this list. Dhawan has hit 805 fours in 155 ODIs. He achieved this feat in the third ODI against West Indies.