Akram and Shastri raised questions, ICC CEO said that there was no significant decline in the ODI format

Akram and Shastri raised questions, ICC CEO said that there was no significant decline in the ODI format

The future of the 50-over format in world cricket remains a matter of controversy, but International Cricket Council (ICC) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Geoff Allardyce sees no significant decline in interest in the format as the next Future Tour Program (FTP) ) The cycle included a significant number of ODI matches.

Cricket greats like Wasim Akram and Ravi Shastri have been very supportive of domestic T20 leagues which are rapidly expanding and reducing the space of ODIs, but Allardyce feels there is no need to panic. "In the next FTP (2023-27), countries are adding a lot of ODIs, so in the FTP, you won't see a big change in the number of ODIs," he said. We talked about the structure of the game the relevance of ODIs and how they are being included in the FTP.

“Countries and fans from different countries have their own preferences regarding the format. I think there were some discussions at this stage that were not specifically about ODIs but about the mix of formats within the calendar.

Allardyce said, "Scheduling the Quadrangular Series is not available to members, but the Tri-Series can be." But it is not an easy task to make these at the moment, it is not easy to feed several countries at the same time as there are also calendar commitments. So it was as easy as it was earlier, now it is not as easy to include it in FTP. "Some countries are putting more emphasis on their domestic leagues," he said. But at the same time, he said that these countries have shown their strong commitment to international cricket.

The ICC's FTP program has got the approval of the Chief Executive Committee and the schedule for the next five years will be out in a few days. “For the first time, we have developed a long-term plan for FTP for women to give broadcasters, sponsors, and fans certainty about who is playing at what time of year,” Allardyce said. Now you will get a strong calendar for women's international cricket.

Barkley has no objection to the second term for the post of ICC President:

BCCI President Sourav Ganguly's name may be in the news for the post of ICC President, but current President Gregor Barkley did not rule out the possibility of continuing for two more years. New Zealand's Barkley's term ends in November and the ICC will get a new president if he steps down without seeking a second two-year term.