OMG! Feet are helpful in getting pregnant

OMG! Feet are helpful in getting pregnant

Indian women are famous for their sixteen makeup, jewelery and dresses. From the bindi on the forehead to the toe worn on the foot, each item has its own importance. Along with traditions, these ornaments and make-up materials also have some scientific significance which affects their health. In many places of India, after marriage, there is a trend of wearing a beech already. Her beauty increases with this outfit.

# Marriage is the sacred and loving relationship of our society. In India, it is customary for women to wear toenails after marriage. Many consider it to be just a symbol and tradition of marriage but there is a scientific reason behind it as well. The relation of this beech is directly related to the uterus.

# These things are not fake! Their writing is also found in the scriptures, wearing a silver toe on both the feet makes the menstrual cycle regular for women. This makes it easier for women to conceive. Silver is considered a good conductor of electricity. It draws the polar energy received from the earth and transmits it to the whole body, due to which women feel refreshed.

According to science, there is a special vein in the second finger from the toe side which is connected to the uterus. It regulates the uterus and keeps it healthy by balancing the blood pressure. The pressure of the beech keeps the blood pressure regular and controlled and reaches the uterus in the right amount.

# Beechiya gradually reduces the stress of women with its effect, which makes their menstrual cycle regular. Another advantage of this is that beech also helps in keeping the reproductive organs of women healthy. Beeswax also helps in the conception of women.

That's why girls should get their nose pierced, they also benefit with periods.

That's why girls should get their nose pierced, they also benefit with periods.

Girls get their nose pierced at a young age. Nose piercing is common in India. But do you know that this practice has come from eastern countries. But could not understand the reason behind it. They simply consider it a means of enhancing beauty. It can be done in childhood, adolescence or adulthood. A woman can get her nose pierced even during pregnancy.

Benefits of nose piercing: 

By getting the nose pierced, girls get relief from pain in their periods every month.

# Piercing the nose makes it easier for women to give birth to a baby.

Apart from this, the woman also gets relief from headache. Thus, there are many problems that can be treated by piercing the nose.